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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Audio interview compilation: appeared in "The Architects" Weekly Radio show by RRR and Rmit



architect/artist: mixed
interview title: The Architects Weekly Radio show (compilation)
interviews compilation no: A-03
interview format: Audio
date: Varied
appeared in: 102-FM Three Triple R Radio
interviewer: RRR Radio with RMIT faculty
photo by:


Interview Details:

Weekly Radio Show On:

Hosts & Interviewers:

Simon Knott, Practice Director: BKK, Melbourne
Stuart Harrison, RMIT Architecture Lecturer,  Practice: Stuart Harrison Architect
Rory Hyde, RMIT PhD in Architecture - SIAL stream candidate. Practice: BKK, Melbourne

This archive features weekly radio shows featuring interviews with local and international architects and academics available as audio podcasts.

Archive of Shows & Interviews (mp3 Podcast Audio files):

Radio Shows from the 4th Sep 2006 onwards

RMIT Architecture affiliated interviews:

Tue, 18 November 2008
The Architects - Show178 - Tom Kovac
Tom Kovac

Tue, 30 September 2008
The Architects - Show 171 - Venice Biennale of Architecture 2008 - Part III
Venice Biennale of Architecture 2008 - Part III
The creative directors of the Australian Pavilion
Interviews with Conrad Hamann, Ian De Gruchy, Kerstin Thompson, RMIT Architecture Adjunct Professor and Wendy Lewin

Tue, 16 September 2008
The Architects - Show 169 - Venice Biennale of Architecture 2008
Venice Biennale of Architecture 2008
Live cross to Stuart Harrison in the Guirdini in Venice and playing of interviews from the opening days. Stuart to be joined by Ian McDougall, RMIT Architecture Adjunct Professor, and Neil Masterton from ARM.

Tue, 15 July 2008
The Architetcs - Show 160 - Peter Elliot
Interview with Peter Elliot, RMIT Architecture Adjunct Professor

Tue, 1 July 2008
The Architects - Show 158 - Graham Crist
Graham Crist, RMIT Architecture Lecturer, Practice Director: Antarctica

Tue, 17 June 2008
The Architects - Show 156 - Vicky Lam
Guest co-host Vicky Lam, RMIT Bachelor of Architecture Alumni

Tue, 27 May 2008
The Architects - Show 153 - Gretchen Wilkins
Gretchen Wilkins, RMIT Architecture Lecturer

The Architects - Show 152 - Harriet Edquist
Professor Harriet Edquist, RMIT School of Architecture and Design is the author of two new books, Pioneers of Modernism on the Arts and Crafts movement in Australia and Guide to the Architecture and Art of RMIT.
  Mp3 Audio File: The-Architects-20080520.mp3

Greg More, RMIT Interior Design Lecturer, Practice:
Toby Pond, RMIT Architecture Alumni, on the phone from Canada
  Mp3 Audio File: The-Architects-20080318.mp3

The Architects - Show 141 - Brent Allpress
Brent Allpress, Editor of Architectural Design Research and RMIT Architecture Senior Lecturer

  Mp3 Audio File: The-Architects-20080304.mp3

Tue, 29 May 2007
The Architects - Show 110 - Diego Ramirez
RMIT Architecture lecturer Diego Ramirez discusses his work and the UMAP funded Mexico-based design research exchange studio - Opportunistic Urbanism

 Direct download: The-Architects-20070529.mp3

Tue, 3 April 2007
The Architects - Show 102 -
Jun Aoki, Simon's Japan Trip
Jun Aoki was in melbourne as part of the International Architecture Workshop Series, hosted by RMIT Architecture, with staff and students from RMIT and universities in Sendai Japan and Montpellier France. He gave a public lecture at RMIT on his recent work.

Tue, 20 March 2007
The Architects - Show 100 -
St Kilda Triangle, ARM;
Enrico Taglietti - RAIA Gold Medal winner
Christine Phillips co-hosting.
Howard Raggatt and Ian MacDougall of ARM are RMIT Architecture Adjunct Professors,20867,21390593-16947,00.html

Tue, 13 March 2007
The Architects - Show 99 - Doug Evans
Dr. Doug Evans, recently retired RMIT Architecture academic, on Kevin Borland, teaching and modernism

Tue, 6 March 2007
The Architects - Show 98 - Gabriela Seifert from Formalhaut
Gabriela Seifert was in Melbourne as an RMIT Architecture Visiting Fellow, and brought a study tour of students from TU Innesbruck to Melbourne, hosted by RMIT. She and partner Gotz Stoeckmann conducted a light installation in country Victoria, and both gave a lecture at RMIT on their recent practice. Gabby Seifert also gave a lecture in the RMIT Architecture Design Series on local practice culture in Innesbruck.

13th Feb 2007
The Architects - Show 95 - Co-host Rory Hyde

Rory Hyde, RMIT SIAL PhD candidate, discusses the Smart Geometry workshop he attended.

3rd Oct 2006
The Architects - Show 85 - Venice Biennale
Shane Murray and Nigel Bertram of the RMIT Architecture Urban Architecture Laboratory were the Creative Directors of the Australian Pavilion at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice

4th Sep 2006
The Architects - Show 81 - Teddy Cruz, Estudio Teddy Cruz, USA
recorded 11 August 2006
Teddy Cruz gave a Lecture at RMIT Architecture, "Border Postcards - Narratives from the Edge", 11 Aug, 2006
related lecture:
Teddy Cruz, 2006 MCA Lloyd Rees Memorial Lecture (mp3 file)
MCA Sydney, 9 Aug 2006

Archive of shows prior to 4th September 2006:

29th Aug 2006
80. Graeme Gunn

22nd Aug 2006
79. Soren Luckins

15th Aug 2006
78. Radiothon 2006

8th Aug 2006
77. Inger Mewburn
Inger Mewbun is an RMIT Architecture Alumni

1st Aug 2006
76. Andrew Maynard

25th Jul 2006
75. Philip Goad

18th Jul 2006
74. 2006 Awards wrap-up

11th Jul 2006
73. Deyan Sudjic

4th Jul 2006
72. Eames

27th Jun 2006
71. Terroir

20th Jun 2006
70. Aurps - Peter Bowtell and Joseph Correnza

13th Jun 2006
69. Beijing, China and HOK - Patrick Sloan

6th Jun 2006
68. Tom Daniell and Jordi Bonet
Tom Daniell is in Melbourne for the RMIT School of Architecture and Design Graduate Research Conference. He is a candidate in the RMIT PhD in Architecture (research by Project) invited stream.

30th May 2006
67. Alain de Botton, UK
recorded 24 May 2006 - about his new book, The Architecture of Happiness

23rd May 2006
66. Kathy Demos

16th May 2006
65. Perth and the Brunswick Brickworks

9th May 2006
64. Clare Newton

2nd May 2006
63. H2o Architects

25th Apr 2006
62. Yve, Urban Workshop, SX1, Freshwater

18th Apr 2006
61. Rural Studio, Delugan Meissl and more Wolf Prix

11th Apr 2006
60. RAIA conference, Wolf Prix, Anupama Kundoo

4th Apr 2006
59. Daryl Jackson

28th Mar 2006
58. Ken Sowerby

21st Mar 2006
57. Nicholas Building

14th Mar 2006
56. Lars Spuybroek, Practice: NOX, NL.

7th Mar 2006
55. State Government Architect John Denton

28th Feb 2006
54. Carey Lyon

21st Feb 2006
53. Stephen Varaday

14th Feb 2006
52. Proposition 3047 Competition

7th Feb 2006
51. Review of the Summer

29th Nov 2005
50. McBride Charles Ryan and the top ten

22nd Nov 2005
49. Justin Madden
justin Madden is the Minister for Planning in the Victorian State Government. He is an RMIT Architecture Alumni.

15th Nov 2005
48. Minifie Nixon
Paul Minifie and Fiona Nixon are RMIT Architecture lecturers.

8th Nov 2005
47. Ian McDougall
Ian MacDougall of ARM is an RMIT Architecture Adjunct Professor

1st Nov 2005
46. Cup Day Special

25th Oct 2005
45. Vicky Lam and Brandon Padron
Vicky Lam is an RMIT Architecture Alumni

18th Oct 2005
44. Spiegeltent - David Bates and Camille O'Sullivan

11th Oct 2005
43. Christine Phillips and Michael Bouteloup
Christine Philips is an RMIT Architecture Alumni. Michael bouteloupe is a current candidiate in the RMIT Master of Architecture (research by project) urban architecture stream.

4th Oct 2005
42. Martyn Hook, Ricardo Legorreta
Martyn Hook is an RMIT Architecture Senior Lecturer

27th Sep 2005
41. Neil & Idle

20th Sep 2005
40. Peta Carlin and Architectural Publishing
Peta Carlin is an RMIT Architecture Alumni and current candidate in the RMIT PhD in Architecture (by Project) SIAL stream. She was a member of the RMIT School of Architecture and Design publications unit.

13th Sep 2005
39. Pavilions for New Architecture
This exhibition at the Monash Museum of Modern Art features pavilions designed by RMIT Architecture staff Paul Minifie and Fiona Nixon of Minifie Nixon; Martyn Hook oof IPH; Stuart Harrison and Graham Crist of Harrison Crist.

6th Sep 2005
38. Rexroth Mannasmann Collective

30th Aug 2005
37.  Stefano Pujatti and Grainne Hassett from the New Trends exhibition, RMIT Gallery, Storey Hall, August 2005
Simon Knott from NY
The New Trends Exhibition features work by Kerstin Thompson, RMIT Architecture Adjunct Professor. RMIT Innovation Professor of Architecture Leon van Schaik was the Australian curator and advisor.

23rd Aug 2005
36. Radiothon Week

16th Aug 2005
35. Mark Burry
Mark Burry is the RMIT innovation Professor of Spatial Information Architecture and Director of the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory in the RMIT School of Architecture and Design. He is a project architect on Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

9th Aug 2005
34. Commonwealth Games Projects

2nd Aug 2005
33. Chris Perry from Servo
Chris Perry is an RMIT Architecture/SIAL Visiting Fellow conducting a design studio and workshop with Alisa Andrasek of Biothing at RMIT convened by RMIT Architecture Senior Lecturer Pia Ednie-Brown.

26th Jul 2005
32. 2005 Awards Review

19th Jul 2005
31. Peter Johns from

12th Jul 2005
30. Jackson Clement Burrows

5th Jul 2005
29. Cassandra Fahey
Cassandra Fahey is an RMIT Architecture Alumni and a current candidate in the RMIT Master of Architecture (research by Project) invited stream

28th Jun 2005
28. Giulo Cappellini and Gio Ponti

21st Jun 2005
27. James Birrell, RAIA Gold Medal Winner

14th Jun 2005
26. Danish Design

7th Jun 2005
25. Phillip Harmer

31st May 2005
24. Six Degrees

24th May 2005
23. Reviews of new buildings

17th May 2005
22. Andrew Mackenzie, editor of AR

10th May 2005
21. Contemporary Housing Approaches

3rd May 2005
20. Place & Spirit: Gerard Reinmuth, Kevin O'Brien, Jae Cha

26th Apr 2005
19. exchange2005: RAIA National Conference:
Peter Cook, Ian McDougall, Ashton Raggatt McDougall, RMIT Adjunct Professor of Architecture & Jung Ho Chang
more interviews:
Anne Lacaton
Carey Lyon, Lyons Architects
Gerard Reinmuth, Terroir
Jae Cha
Kees Kaan
Kevin O'Brien
Peter Corrigan, Edmond & Corrigan, RMIT Adjunct Professor of Architecture
Rob McBride, McBride Ryan Architects

19th Apr 2005
18. John Denton: the DCM expansion

12th Apr 2005
17. Ivan Rijavec

5th Apr 2005
16. exchange2005: RAIA National Conference Preview

29th Mar 2005
15. Architects of Air: Interview with Alan Parkinson

22nd Mar 2005
14. ESD with the Solar Sisters

15th Mar 2005
13. Japan

8th Mar 2005
12. Peter Elliott
RMIT Architecture Adjunct Professor

1st Mar 2005
11. Bates Smart: recording the ongoing history

22nd Feb 2005
10. More from ECOEDGE Conference and the influence of Kahn

15th Feb 2005
9. Highlights from ECOEDGE Conference
Michael Sorkin
Andrew Mackenzie, Architecture Review Australia Editor
David Engwich
Enrique Penalosa
Ron Kirby

8th Feb 2005
8. Dianne Peacock

1st Feb 2005
7. ESD with David Oppenheim

25th Jan 2005
6. Esther Charlesworth
Esther Charlesworth is an RMIT Architecture Alumni and current RMIT Research Fellow

18th Jan 2005
5. Staughton Architects

11th Jan 2005
4. Subaud Magazine

21st Dec 2004
3. New York: recent projects

14th Dec 2004
2. Fitzroy Practioners: Kerstin Thompson
RMIT Adjunct Professor of Architecture

6th Dec 2004
1. Melbourne Masters at Tarrawarra
Exhibition curated by
RMIT Innovation Professor of Architecture Leon van Schaik, featuring work by alumni of the RMIT Master of Architecture (research by project) invited stream.


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