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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Living differently, the end of the star architect? Rem Koolhaas with CNN


architect: Rem Koolhaas
interview title: Living differently, the end of the star architect?
interviews compilation no: v-02
interview type: video
duration:  8:26
date: June 24, 2009
appeared in: CNN
notable quote:
He's designed some of the world most iconic buildings, just don't call him a star-architect.


interview details:

CNN’s Talk Asia just featured an interesting interview with Rem Koolhaas. At the beginning of the video we see the Prada Transformer in action.

Highlights of this interview are Dubai, which lead to Koolhaas talking about the public sector and the stimulus, and his views on the Generic City.

When talking about influence (Rem was on the 100 most influential people list by Time magazine in 2008) and “star architects”, Koolhaas sentences the term to death:

“I think it’s a name that is actually degrading to the vast majority of people it is applied to. And it really is a kind of political term that for certain clients is important because they use star architects. My hope is that through the current complexity that title will exit discretely and disappear”.



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