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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

“Placing People First”: Interviewing Ong & Ong about their works by Asia Architecture Review


architect/artist: Ong & Ong
interview title: “Placing People First”
interviews compilation no: T-42
interview format: Text
date: November 24, 2009
appeared in: Asia Architecture Review
photo by:


Interview Details:

(as appeared in their web page)

This week, we are proud to present an article highlighting our interview with leading Singapore Architectural firm Ong&Ong.

1) What was the inspiration behind the project?

The inspirational concept of the NHC new building was drawn from the “Placing People First” philosophy. It encompasses the needs of the various key users – the patient, the visitor and the staff.

2)What do you think is the most unique feature of the design? 

A distinctive feature is its two fronts – institutional and garden. The institutional front, the main approach for vehicles and houses the medical facilities, is quiet and formal. The garden front, at the other end, faces the garden deck in the Outram Campus Master plan. This serves primarily as the healing park and waiting area.

3)How have the climate and  environmental factors affect the design?

Due to the specialised treatment procedures that will be practiced in the building, the indoor environment of the building is entirely under artifical control and with infection control being a high priority issue.  Although the indoor environment of the building is totally artificially controlled for clinical reasons, the building is designed with best green and environmental sustainable considerations in mind, such as north-south orientation of major facades, adequate solar shadings, good window to wall ratio, high performance glass, sky gardens, etc.  The external metal solar screen for the clinical block is a result of such considerations.

4)What are the urban issue facing this project and how do you come about resolving it?

The new building will adopt various green building features, technologies and innovations to achieve better performance in energy efficiency, water usage, use of recycled and reusable materials, indoor environmental quality and environmental management. Examples include the passive solar strategy for the institutional front, which reduces heat emission and direct glare and sunlight into the building while introducing diffuse daylight condition and cutting overall energy consumption; and the use of environmental friendly building elements which are energy efficient in fabrication, self-cleansing and long-lasting. The use of sustainable construction defines a green benchmark for healthcare design in South-East Asia.

5)Would you like to tell us more about your firm and please add on any information you would like reader to know about the work of your firm.

Corporate Profile

Ong&Ong has earned an unparalleled reputation for integrating skilled architecture, clever interior design, creative sense for environmental branding and sensitive landscape design over the past 3 decades. Paramount to our success lies in our insistence on servicing our clients with creativity, excellence and commitment. We continually strive to uphold our mission to be the designer of our age – a premier design practice both locally and in the region.

 Faced with many tenets today, design is often varied and fragmented. To resolve this challenge, Ong&Ong adopts a 360° design solution which provides a framework for threading cross-discipline approach into a singular integrated design solution, encompassing all aspects of design from master planning, architecture, and interior design to landscape design and project management.

 In addition to projects in Singapore, Ong&Ong has also completed large-scale developments regionally. This has prompted the setting up of offices in China, Vietnam, India and Malaysia. In-depth knowledge of local context, culture and regulations allow us to better understand our clients’ needs. We are an ISO14001 certified practice and consistently strive to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.


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